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I added WordPress to my phone. Maybe I’ll attempt to blog more. I don’t know though. This is taking longer than writing on my computer. I have barely been home this past week so there wasn’t any time to actually sit down at my computer. This might be a decent option for weeks like that. I am not sure what all the functions on my phone do though. Maybe this is the time and place to try them out. Like this one…will it be in bold type when it posts on the blog? And now italics? Maybe I’m just typing.



And this??? I think I have a lot to learn.

Edited:  And now I’m home and can see that there was no underlining or overlining.  The part that I thought would be bold wasn’t, but I think I know why.  But by golly I nailed that italics part!  And the end…well I don’t even remember what was happening at the end.  All I know is that it was 9pm on a Friday night and I was falling asleep.  Lame-o-la.


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  1. Another reason not to get an iphone. Service up here stinks anyway. Too many obstructions, like hills & mountains:-)

  2. I’ve found having the blog app on my phone is pretty handy, although not as functional as using the computer.

    Friday night at 9:00 – can’t say that I blame you and no – not lame at all!


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