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The rest of the trip – an overview

After our stop at Graceland we drove for a couple of days to get to my Aunt’s house.  The neighborhood she lives in was completely adorable!  While there we enjoyed the beach, kayaking and canoeing in a small lake, catching a local production of Oklahoma, and driving on some sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan.  So much fun!

After a few days we drove up to Mackinac Island for a day visit.  It was beautiful.  We took a carriage ride to hit the highlights on the island and bought fudge for a souvenir.  And despite my good company I was wishing I was there with a few adults.  I would have hiked and biked and spent more than an afternoon exploring there.  The kids were great and had a good time, but they knew there was more fun to be had up the road.

From there we drove down to Port Huron, Michigan and through a bit of Canada to see Niagara Falls.  I could have watched the water pouring over the falls for hours.   It was breathtaking.

We also hit the Soak City waterpark next to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, and the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio before heading back to Texas.  Those were the two highlights for the kids I think.  Twelve states and  3800 miles later, we were home.  Whew, what a trip.

(Since then Will has been to youth camp.  He drove through 4 different states on that trip which brings his current total up to 16 so far.) This morning the kids left with their dad on a trip that will take them through 7 more states if I’ve counted correctly.  All in all it’s been a busy summer exploring America!


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