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Sweet Iced Tea it’s HOT!

It’s hot.  Like Africa hot.  And for the first time in my life I am having trouble cooling down.  It has to be an age thing.  Yesterday I was at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas.  Because it was a Monday the crowds were manageable, but the heat was not!  I was sweating from pores that had never sweat before.  I walked in every gift shop I passed just to stand in the cool air for a few minutes.  There was no breeze and very little shade.  After drinking numerous bottles of cold water I wanted to throw up because I was so full.  But I was still hot.  A small child sat next to me during the dolphin show, and she had one of those misters with a fan attached to it.  Every time she sprayed it some of the water would land on me.  I kept scooting closer to her and leaning her direction in hopes that the small droplets would cool me off.  I finally forked over $12.99 for my own bottle sprayer fan.  It worked pretty well, but it only cooled my face.  As soon as I turned it off I would immediately heat up again.  I kept wondering if something was wrong with me.  My oldest was with me and she didn’t seem to be nearly as hot as I was.  She glistened slightly.  Really?  I melted, and she glistened.  I sopped up sweat with napkins, and she didn’t even need to wipe her brow.  My brow was completely saturated and dripping sweat into my eyes.  It has to be my age.  Which is 41 years and 356 days.  Maybe 42 is the magic sweat like you’ve never sweat before number.  I don’t know.  All I know is that if the sweating keeps up I’m gonna have to start bathing in anti-perspirant.  It’s my only hope.

Coincidentally my favorite part of our trip was cranking the air conditioning down in the hotel room at night and not having to worry about the electric bill.  I set it to Arctic Blast and then piled the covers on so I could stay warm.  I froze in the mornings when I had to get up to pee then ran back to the bed to snuggle in under the warmth again.  It was heavenly.



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  1. You and I would be great traveling buddies — I do the same thing with hotel room A/C! 🙂


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