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Just call me…Jenny?

Blogging has been a life saver for me.  It helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life.  I know I could have gone to counselors or therapists to talk through my problems, but I never felt like it was necessary.  I was pretty self-aware and had no problem telling myself the truth.  I could sort through feelings and come out on the other side having made progress.  Sometimes it was a longer process, but I always felt peace about where I was and what God was doing in my life.  And blogging was a big part of that.  Writing it down, being able to look at it all in written form, and having people respond was therapeutic for me.  It worked.  I’m better than I was.

After all my ramblings about how wonderful blogging is, Sweet Tea decided to attempt the whole blogging thing.  She isn’t doing it for therapeutic reasons.  She isn’t doing it because she needs to sort through things.  She doesn’t feel the need to write.  Her reason for blogging?  The Bloggess.

One day I was reading something the Bloggess had written and laughed out loud.  I shared the story with Sweet Tea and then proceeded to tell her about some of the most colorful characters in the Bloggess compound.  James Garfield, Copernicus, Beyonce, Victor…and really…the list is endless.  And now…well now, Sweet Tea is in love.  Not “in love” in love but excited that she’s found someone with as twisted a sense of humor as herself.  She also has this crazy empathy for Victor for some strange reason.  She started reading the Bloggess on her own and she felt a little like a stalker since she doesn’t have a blog.  I told her not to worry about it because the Bloggess is used to crazy cyber stalkers, but she decided there just might be something to this whole blogging thing.

So without further ado…I present you with a TX bridgefarmer.

Sidenote – I do have a small issue though.  On her blog Sweet Tea decided to give me a nickname.  Her reason?  I had given her a nickname on my blog and so I should have one on hers.  The name she chose…Jenny.  I gave her an incredulous look when she told me.  Why Jenny?  Because she had never dated a Jenny.  Nevermind that she had never dated a Natalie and that my name is all over my own blog.  I asked her if she realized that the Bloggess’ name was Jenny.  She didn’t.  But that made it even more amusing to her.  It had to be a subconscious thing.

And just because I enjoy taunting Sweet Tea…

“The Bloggess” Jenny and Natalie “Jenny”


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  1. Awesome, N! Can’t wait to read her!


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