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Have you guys visited Sweet Tea’s blog yet?  She’s doing a much better job of blogging these days than I am!  I stare at this spot willing the words to come and then, after a few minutes, move on to read blogs written by people who actually have something to say.  What is happening to me?  I used to blog daily.  This every other week thing is almost annoying.  It has much to do with being tired and busy all of the time.  When I stop life long enough to wrestle the computer away from the children I tend to take care of business before I open up my blog.  Then I fight to keep my eyes open long enough to actually write something.  Most days it’s a losing battle.  Like today.  So sleepy.  Sigh.

I might not have much to say, but I did want to share this video I found a couple of years ago.  Love it.


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  1. There has to be a happy medium, somewhere. It’s probably on an island far away that doesn’t allow children and involves mandatory visits to a beach with piña coladas

  2. Yep, I have visited her often. She’s a good writer. Let’s get together soon.


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