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to be or not to be…

My oldest daughter has a boyfriend.  This is nothing new.  She almost always has a boyfriend.  Sweet Tea and I had the chance to meet this boyfriend for the first time the other day.  From what I understand he was nervous.  I’m sure the thought of meeting his girlfriend’s mom and her girlfriend is a little daunting.  But he was also worried about what we would think about him. Understandable.

For some strange reason my daughter only dates one type of guy – guys who don’t go to her school. This type of guy falls into two categories.

Category 1 – Already graduated, but they kind of knew each other when she was a freshman and he was a senior. They’ve been facebook friends and just started texting one day and voila…they are now dating.

Category 2 – She went to school with them for one semester in 7th grade when we were in the states back in 2006 for 6 months. They’ve recently reconnected through facebook and just started texting one day and voila…they are now dating.

Now the interesting thing about these guys is that they are relatively safe because they are unavailable for the most part. They either go to a different high school so they don’t live close by, are in college in a different town, or they have jobs and don’t have much time for a girlfriend. The other quirk that these boys seem to have is that they are gay, but they just don’t know it yet. Or maybe they know it but are too scared to admit it. My daughter never sees this quirk. I find it amusing. She goes on and on about how sweet they are and how wonderful and perfect, but for some reason they don’t like kissing. Really??? How she misses it is beyond me.

My daughter’s current boyfriend was mostly worried about that last aspect of meeting us. She told him that we thought every boy she dated was gay. He insists he’s not gay.

So we met him. He seemed nice enough. He was skinny with a long Justin Bieber type haircut. He was attentive to her. He kissed her in front of us. I was amused. Is he gay? I don’t know. I was around him for about 2 minutes while he was standing in front of Home Depot where he works.

The best part to me though is that he is going to feel the need to prove himself every time he’s around us. I wonder if he’s available for Thanksgiving. I could have fun with this.


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  1. HYSTERICAL! I love this…so much! Poor thing… But it really could be the BEST Thanksgiving ever! Glad to “hear” you!


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