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The Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Ranch.

That was our weekend destination.  We arrived later than planned on Friday night ready to set up camp.  Neighbor campers came over to help us get set up in the dark.  We, in turn, helped others who arrived after us.  I loved the camaraderie of being around other gay people.  We shared drinks, stories, and life with a few strangers for 2 days.  It was nice.  On Saturday there was a chili cook-off, a hayride, and live music by Anton Shaw.  Despite the party I enjoyed the peacefulness of being in a place where nobody called me mom for a couple of days.

What I enjoyed the most though was being there with Sweet Tea.  I needed time away with her.  In fact I am somewhat emotional today at the thought of our weekend being over.  I didn’t get enough of just her.

Work, school, cooking, kids…it all starts back tomorrow.  I am not ready for the regularly scheduled program.  Not yet.  Sigh.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break.


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