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The lowdown

What a week!

Um…Monday – Wednesday are a blur.  Kids in school are ready for a break which means I am ready for a break!

On Thursday I raced home from school to pick up the kids and take them for a quick bite to eat before my youngest needed to be at her choir concert.  I arrived at their dad’s house and picked up the mail that still occasionally comes for me.  One piece of mail is my cell phone bill.  I have never bothered to change the address, but since I get that bill emailed to me I haven’t worried about it.  The e-bill had come a few days earlier, but I hadn’t ever opened it.  I elected to open the paper copy while I waited on everyone to gather up their things.  And then I almost had a panic attack.  $742.16.  What???  What happened???  Did I forget to pay a bill or 2?  No, I am never late on my bills.  So as I attempt to control my breathing I scan the bill to see why it is $500 more than normal.  And that’s when I see them.

Phone calls and texts to Canada.  Made by my oldest daughter.

I immediately ask her what/who/why she was calling in Canada.  Her response…

“This guy, Allen.  Taylor said he was totally my type, and she thought we’d be perfect together.”

Some of you may remember the post about how my daughter dates unavailable boys.  The boyfriend mentioned in that post ended up cheating on her, and they broke up.  Since then she’s been single.  And evidently calling this boy in Canada!  Who is even more unavailable than the boys she normally dates!  And not only is he more unavailable he has now cost her $496!

In my daughter’s defense she didn’t realize that Canada was considered international.  She didn’t realize the calls wouldn’t fall under the unlimited texting and gazillion minute plan we have.  She thought international meant overseas and you can drive to Canada.  Duh.

Instead of taking my kids to dinner I called the phone company in a panic and managed to get about $200 shaved off this bill.  Now I only owe $538.  I only thought I was broke before.  Sigh.  On the plus side Sweet Tea and I now own my daughter.  We’re also willing to rent her out if anyone has a need for slave labor!

OH…and the said daughter decided at some point she didn’t really like the Canadian and is now dating a boy that falls into Category 2 of the previous post.  For those not interested in clicking over…

Category 2 – She went to school with them for one semester in 7th grade when we were in the states back in 2006 for 6 months. They’ve recently reconnected through facebook and just started texting one day and voila…they are now dating.

And that’s exactly how it happened!

After the whole phone debacle we went to the choir concert hungry.  The oldest and I sat up close and the boys and their dad sat in back.  After the concert I got up to walk over to where my wasband was sitting, and I see my dad walking towards him as well.  I haven’t seen my dad since the middle of September.  This may not seem like a long time to some of you, but I used to see my dad weekly.  The panic feelings came back.  Tears threaten to come as well.  Then I acted all nonchalant about him being there.  I gave him a hug and then talked about random stuff.  I hope he knows how glad I was to see him.  I’m not sure that was conveyed by my actions.

Friday I was pulled out of class to help interview for the 5th grade math/science position at my school.  My current teaching partner is going back to his old job, because teachers don’t make enough money to support a family.  Pickings were slim as far as interviewees go.  We interviewed 6 people and finally made a decision about who we want.  She seems like she will be a perfect fit.  I am glad, because we only have a week until Christmas break!  The new teacher starts when we come back after the holidays.

During the afternoon on Friday my son kept texting me about his plans for the evening.  Keep in mind I don’t know who Madi is or what z a k s house is.

Son:  Ok this is a serious question madi                                                                 needs a place to stay tonight                                                                                   because me and her r going to z a                                                                                k s house and she lives really far                                                                                  away so she would have to leave                                                                                 really early and she rolls your way                                                                               so Yeah nothing will happen thank                                                                                u for understanding

Me:  What?

Son:  I knew you would see it my way.

Me:  I can’t even understand what you said.

At that point I was feeling like I needed a drink.

And now the weekend is done, and I have a week of test prep and testing to accomplish with a group of kids who are ready for the holiday break.  It’s going to be another crazy few days.


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  1. 🙂 YAY FOR THE RING! It’s gorgeous and when I saw it I smiled. I’m so happy for you. You deserve such sweetness in your life.

  2. Congratulations! That’s a beautiful ring 🙂


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