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Merry Christmas, a day late and a whole lot of dollars short!

Merry Christmas to you.

I had a great holiday.  I spent the day with Sweet Tea and my kids.  We opened our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve so the kids all got to sleep in on Christmas Day.  It was worth it!  Sweet Tea and I got up early and went and fed animals and got to spend some quiet time together before the day got busy.  We cooked and ate and watched a little TV.  It was perfect.

This time of year I always reflect on the past year.  In January I read a post by Chookaloonks where she talked about having a word for the year.  She chose her word before the year started and it was what she hoped the year to be.  That word was what she planned to do, be, accomplish, reflect on as the year progressed.  I tried to choose a 2011 word, but since my life is/was so crazy I couldn’t imagine what that word would be.  As I reflected on all that I had been through the past several years I assigned words to reflect what those years had been for me.

I never did come up with a 2011 word.  As I spend the next few days looking back I plan to pick a word to sum up my year.

What did 2011 mean to you?


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