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I’ve been busy. So busy that I haven’t blogged for a month. And now I blog this…

As we are surfing the internet, looking at houses, reading blogs, etc.

Her:  I want to make soap.

Me:  What?

Her:  I saw a recipe online the other day, and I want to try it.

Me: Ok

Her:  When the zombie apocalypse finally comes I do want to be somewhat self-sufficient.

Me:  Um…

Her:  Well we’re going to need soap.  I mean who’s gonna work at the soap factories.  Not the zombies!

Me:  Well…

Her:  You’re just gonna let them get you aren’t you?

Me:  Yes, I am gonna sacrifice myself and then come after you.  Then I’ll bite you and we can be zombies together!

Her:  Why do you want to be a zombie?  That’s gross!

Me:  See, then we won’t need soap!  We won’t care about anything.

Her:  Then you won’t bite me because you won’t care if you’re with me.

Me:  Yes, because I love you!  I’ll always want to be with you because those feelings run deep!

Her:  No, if you’re a zombie everything from the neck down is dead.  The only thing working is the medulla oblongata.

Me:  My medulla oblongata will always love and recognize you!

Her:  No, jealousy, anger, and impulse controls are all that live in the medulla oblongata.

Me:  So if I have the impulse to kiss you right now that’s from the medulla oblongata?

Her:  No, that’s a choice.

So I bit her instead.


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  1. I miss your posts. I’ve been reading your girl’s blog and enjoy the updates on what is going on, but would love to hear from you too. Good luck with the move and on this next chapter of your life.

    Btw, you’ve been nominated. 🙂


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