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Here we go

Sweet Tea has just informed me that I am not boring.  So there!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I did think of a story to tell.

Last weekend we took that little trip to Austin to get away and see some friends.  We hadn’t planned on the seeing of friends to take place in one friend’s hospital room, but since she had a major allergic reaction to some unknown thing and had to be hospitalized we took what we got at that point.  After visiting Friday night we decided to skip the hospital food for something that did didn’t come on a divided tray.  We wanted to stay close by so we chose a Mexican establishment called Casa Garcia just down the road.  They had chips and hot sauce and Margaritas so it was good with me.  And when I say they had Margaritas I should say that I had A margarita.  One.  But that was all it took.  It was yummy and strong.  When we got up to leave my head was swimming.  We went back to the hospital where I weaved through the hallways.  We visited a minute then said goodbye.  On the way to where we were staying we stopped at a convenience store where I honestly thought I might throw up.  From ONE margarita.  I never did, but in that moment of yucky I realized that I didn’t have my phone.  I had no idea where my phone was.  As my mind retraced my wobbly steps I had a vague recollection of taking my phone out of my pocket at the restaurant and putting it on the table.  I never do that!  But for some reason that night my phone was bothering me as it sat quietly in my pocket.  And I had no memory of ever putting it back in my pocket.  Sweet Tea called the restaurant and they had it safe and sound for me to pick up which we did the next day.  I did tell the manager that his margarita had knocked me on my hind parts which he thought was amusing.

Later that day we went to one of Sweet Tea’s favorite places for chicken tortilla soup.  This place is famous for the Purple Rita.  I had planned to try one, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of more tequila.  I had to pass.

And now we are about to head out to Austin on a whim.  I want chips and hot sauce.  And maybe a Purple Rita to wash it down!


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  1. I can’t drink the way I used to either. Hope you enjoy your trip to Austin, with or without the Purple Rita.
    Oh and by the way… I’m still reading your blog. And I don’t think you’re boring either! 🙂


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