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aged like fine wine

So we went to Austin and I had a Purple Rita.  It was good, but I think I prefer a strawberry rita instead.  We did find out that the Purple Rita has Everclear in it which is why they limit them to 2 a piece.  I was fine with one!  I wasn’t about to get in the same situation I was in last weekend!

In other news I’m getting old.  I know…there a millions of people on the planet older than me.  There are numerous people who read this blog who have lived longer than my almost 43 years, but technicalities aside…I am getting old.  Today I plucked a hair from my chin.  The hair on my upper lip is darker than before, and there are age spots on my arms and legs where there were once just cute little freckles.  I was diagnosed with mild diabetes, my cholesterol is high, and so is my blood pressure.  My vitamin D is low as well as my B12.  I was told to take fish oil for my dry eyes which now need glasses for seeing up close.  I’ve started calling the 6 pills I have to take at night before bed my dessert, because that’s what my grandmother always called hers.  I have put them in a weekly pill box not so much so I don’t forget to take them but because I am getting lazy in my old age.  I don’t feel like having to open 6 different bottles every night.  My hair is thinner and most definitely grayer underneath the color and highlights.  The skin on my face is splotchy.  The dermatologist I saw said it was called Melasma or pregnancy mask.  The thing is I’m not pregnant nor taking any kind of hormones which is apparently what causes it.  I’m just naturally hormonal.  And old.  Great.

I don’t mind getting old most of the time.  I just wish my body wouldn’t decide to turn against me all at once.  If my face is going to go crazy on me at least my hair should look good.  If I have to be on blood pressure pills I should at least have perky boobs.  If I am going to have to wear bifocals I should be able to eat cake without it counting.  I’m just saying.

Now who wants to meet for dinner at Luby’s?  I hear they have an old timer’s special!


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  1. When is your birthday? I’m older than you and usually don’t feel my age. Unfortunately, the aging and all the little things that go with it happen so slowly that if we’re busy living life, we don’t notice. Then one day it hits us all at once. Don’t let it get you down, think of the positive and all you’ve gained (knowledge, not weight) as you’ve gotten older! No one except a teenager likes getting older. You need to make a Life List and think of all you’d still like to do! The blog post before the one I wrote today I did mine and it has breathed new life into this old girl. 😉


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