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A Staar Studded Event

A letter from a student.  All spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes are his AND make me want to stab my eyes out since I am the English Language Arts/Reading teacher.

One must also note that a very similar note was given to another teacher in the school by the same student.  She is the Assistant Principal/Instructional Facilitator for our school.  She taught 5th grade ELAR before I did.  She works with the student in a small group just to give him the extra push he needs.

Ms. Dixon you are the 2 best teacher ever I wish that I was a strigh A & B student I was In 1st-3rd!  I know you try your very best to make us past the star test And I thank you for that.  You are the kind of woman I want to mary I admuir you. Best regards, 

His note made it sound like the Staar Test was in the past, when in reality it is next week.  I am trying very hard to keep myself together and not stress out too much over it, but this test will determine who goes on to 6th grade and who stays with me again next year!  Oh my, I hope they all “past,” because I am ready to put this in MY past!!

(The whole marry and admire part of his note is sweet and all, but this kid loves attention and will say and do anything to get it.  He wrote those same words in the note to the other teacher first and saw her reaction so he included them in mine.  I have a feeling other teachers might be receiving similar notes in the not too distant future!)


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