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Words muttered around me and and by me lately.

Scenario 1 – while working on reading passages

Me: Why do you have a metal fork on your desk?

Student: For my lunch (and he pulled a metal can of spaghetti-o’s out of his jacket pocket.)

Scenario 2 – while working on reading passages

Ms. White: (After checking Alyssa’s paper.)  It’s your birthday.  Go Alyssa.  You got them right!

Ms. White:  (After checking Tasha’s paper) Ok, go back and check number 3.  You might need to reread to passage to understand it.

Tasha:  Aren’t you going to sing to me?

Me:  Um, it’s not your birthday.

Scenario 3 – while working on reading passages

Student – What?  I got it wrong?  I thought proposition meant to corner someone and make them an offer…

Me – Um…how old are you again?

Scenario 4 – while talking about getting a driver’s license

Will – Can’t we use the jeep for my driving test?

Me – We can if Papa hasn’t sold it yet.  He’s got a sign in the window.

Will – What?  I love the jeep.  I’ll offer him some chewing gum for it.

Jacob – Man, I wish someone paid me in gum.


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