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Me, right now

Weary.  That’s my word.  It’s not a word I want to use to describe me right now, but it is what I’m feeling so I admit it.  I feel bursts of other things throughout my days as well, but right now, in this moment, I am bone tired.

Sweet Tea and her daughter are moving out as I type.  Boxes and furniture are being moved to a house across town where they will begin a new chapter.  All that’s gone into this happening has worn me out.  I wish them the best and hope happiness and love surround them.

School is also a contributing factor to my tiredness.  I say that every year!  I just know that Thanksgiving never seems to come quick enough and that every year it seems like that whole week off gets shorter and shorter!

I’m also suffering from cold/sinus stuff.  That always drains me!  I pop vitamin C pills, and fight the good fight, but I still feel like I lose every time!

I went to the doctor recently and had a full set of lab work done.  I was wondering if there were any other factors contributing to my tiredness.  Nope…none.  Other than my cholesterol being a tad high, I was in good shape.  I was glad for the good report, but that meant it was all the external stuff going on that was getting to me.

Someone said I wasn’t myself, and they were right.  I haven’t been myself lately.  But it isn’t hormonal or chemical.  It isn’t depression.  It is pure exhaustion.  I plan to go to bed early this week.  Between than and taking the two weekends before Thanksgiving break to rest, I should be ready to take on the holidays with gusto!





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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about you and Sweet Tea. With everything you have going on in your life right now, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted. Sending good thoughts to you and Sweet Tea, both.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about all these things. Take care of you, and I hope things look way up soon.

  3. I’m sorry for your exhaustion and all the upheaval in your life right now. I, too, have been bone weary of late: I’m pretty sure it has to do more with internal, rather than external, factors. Nothing has changed outwardly but inwardly I am entering a new season of life, a new part of my spiritual journey, and it, too, had to do with “not being myself.” Sometimes we just seem to disconnect from ourselves.


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