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I’m on vacation!  For a whole week!  And by vacation I guess I actually mean a staycation, but that totally counts as far as I’m concerned!

My original plans for the start of my staycation included a weekend at home and a 3 day juice fast.  I just feel the need to cleanse the body every once in a while, and I thought the beginning of the break was the perfect time to start.  I’d be done in time for all the holiday cooking I planned to do.  But I didn’t account for the whole OH MY GOSH I’M ON VACATION AND I HAVE TIME TO COOK ANYTHING I WANT AND I CAN STAY UP AS LATE AS I WANT AND LET’S GO TO WALMART IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAVE A BREAD MACHINE AND A NEW MIXER BECAUSE WE NEED HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS WITH CREAM CHEESE ICING AND POTATO SALAD AND HOT CHOCOLATE WITH WHIPPED CREAM AND DID YOU HEAR I’M ON VACATION!!!! feelings I ended up having. And there was no way I could have these OH MY GOSH feelings and then drink juice for 3 days before I could do something about them so I invited Fleur de lis over to share in my staycation excitement.  (And honestly the CINNAMON ROLLS WITH CREAM CHEESE ICING was all her idea!)  Tator Tot was so excited when she showed up because OH MY GOSH SOMEONE ELSE I CAN LICK AND BARK AT AND CLIMB ON AND NIP AND GENERALLY ANNOY TO DEATH.  I’m pretty sure when Fleur de lis went home today she fell into her bed and slept for hours.  And I’ve put off the juice cleanse for some amount of time.  I still plan to juice because it’s just so good for me, but I needed to celebrate a bit first!

And yes, I bought a bread machine and a mixer last night.  Both had been on my list for a while, but last night I just had to have them!  I was going to buy a mixer this week anyway since I burned out the motor on my old one, and I have to have one to make the meringue on the pie I plan to make for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t have to have the bread machine.  I just know that I love the dough setting on a bread machine!  It is a great invention!  I rarely bake the actual bread in the machine, but the dough making cycle is a godsend!  It takes a bit longer than if I just used a mixer, but I can throw it in and not have to think about it for an hour and a half while I do whatever else I want!

And speaking of STAYING UP AS LATE AS I WANT, I didn’t go to bed until 2am last night!  Crazy!!  I am usually in bed by 9ish, and although I try to read a few minutes, I usually can’t keep my eyes open for very long.  It’s that getting up at 5:15 every morning thing that does me in.  I also took a nap today!  Gasp!  Usually I don’t nap on the weekends because it totally messes with my sleep schedule and I lie awake at night for hours dreading my early morning alarm.  I plan to take several more naps this week, because I’m all for living on the edge!

YAY for staycations and cooking and naps and bread machines and good friends to share it all with!


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