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Bike Day

This year the students in kindergarten through third grade at my school had an amazing opportunity.  Each student was given a reading contract in September that, if fulfilled, earned them a new bicycle.  The opportunity was through an organization called Elves and More.  My kindergarten students worked hard learning letters, sounds, and sight words. Those that knew their letters and sounds had to reach a certain reading level by the deadline.  By the time the deadline rolled around, all but one of my students had earned a bike.  I was sad that they all didn’t achieve their goals, but the organization was adamant about the kids having to earn it.  My one student, despite me working with him one on one, just never got there.  He didn’t act like it was a big deal that he wouldn’t get a bike so I called his mom.  When I talked to his mother, she didn’t seem like she cared either and said she hadn’t been working with him at home.  She also said he had a bike already.  There was nothing more I could do at that point.

This past Saturday was bike day.

IMG_0149Rows of bikes lined the cafeteria, and scores of kids lined up in the hallways outside.

IMG_0148The kids came in, were fitted with a helmet, and then they got to choose their bike.  There were smiles all around!


The school also did a pancake breakfast and pictures with Santa so the kids were extra pumped up!

My school is a Title 1 school.  Over 90% of the students are on free lunch.  Many of them receive a food bag on Fridays so that their family will have something to feed them on the weekends.  The kids show up to school even when they are sick, because there is electricity, people who care about them, and a consistency that many of them don’t get at home.  I loved seeing them get bikes for their hard work!


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  1. What a lovely idea!


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