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Remember when…Taste Tests

Back in the day, when we lived in Turkey, I used to do fun taste tests with my kids.  I’m not so sure they thought they were fun, but I enjoyed them!  Here for your enjoyment is a throwback to 2008!

Today at the store I discovered this new soda. It’s purple and pretty so I immediately thought it was grape soda. Yum! I love grape soda!

Upon closer inspection I see that it’s called Cilgin. That means crazy in Turkish. It wasn’t grape flavored either. It says Orman Meyveleri…Fruits of the Forest. Hm…I’m not quite sure what I think of that. I have a great idea! I’ll buy one and let my kids taste it first. Let’s see what they think!

WD taking a drink of Crazy!

This doesn’t look promising. His comment…it’s not bad, but I wouldn’t want to drink very much of it. Ok…moving right along…

AG looks quite happy to drink a cup of Crazy. She kinda looks like she already drank a cup of Crazy. Here we go…

Oh…that is too bubbly. NO…I don’t like it.

And now for JR. He’ll eat anything. Really, he will! Once we were at this place that served beef tongue and JR totally knew what it was and ate it anyway.

Yum! I’m going for a second taste! Good stuff!

I also came across this decadent can of fruit juice at the store. The flavor…coconut, hazelnut, chocolate flavored orange apple juice. Now I had no desire to try this. None at all. But I did think it would be fun to throw in today’s taste test. So let’s see what the kids think of this.

AG bravely went first. Before she could even take a drink she said, “This stinks!” Yes, but how does it taste?

Oh, that is the grossest thing I have ever tasted! Ugh!

And WD’s reaction…
and then he did this…
and this…
and finally this.
I’m thinking he doesn’t care for it much. He couldn’t even speak, but the sounds emitting from his lips sounded like some an animal would make in its death throes.
Finally JR tried it.  He was quite hesitant after watching WD collapse on the floor and die.  I was able to convince him that it didn’t kill AG so he had a 50/50 chance of survival.  Just take one little sip….please!

So…what do you think?

Yeah…I’m not even swallowing it.  I will spew it forth from my mouth.  Away with the foul liquid!  Um…ok JD, no need to be dramatic. See…I told you it wouldn’t kill you!

Then, because they were such great sports I pulled out this!

Chocolate Carnival ice cream

WD came back to life quite quickly when the words Chocolate Carnival Ice Cream were uttered. I think he was faking it. JR took his bowl of ice cream and ran. I think he was worried I might have something else for them to try later.

Note: AG did point out that every time we do a taste test EB (the oldest girl) seems to vanish. Yeah…she was at a friend’s house. She got lucky. This time!

 And just so you can see how much those kids have grown and matured since 2008, I offer you this picture.
We so need to do a taste test again!!

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