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I’m so awesome!!

Recently an ELL student asked me what the word boast meant. Of course that made me think. I told him it meant bragging, but it is so much more than that. Self-praise or claiming superiority is something that I can hardly stand. But it’s not just talking about the accomplishments or possessions of an individual or family that drives me crazy. It’s the attitude. I get that cities and schools and companies need to boast about their attractions, scores, and products. That’s normal. Fine. It’s when the boasting comes at the expense of others that I am completely turned off.

There is a radio station in town. It used to be my favorite. Now I can hardly stand to listen to it. Between songs they continually make comments about another rival station. They list how many commercials the other station plays every hour. How few songs they play. They put the the other station down and boast about their own. I know it’s just a radio station, but I wouldn’t choose to remain good friends with someone like that and I’m certainly not going to listen to it when I can easily change the station.

Some people are that way as well. They might not directly talk about others and their lack of whatever, but their body language speaks volumes! The way they look at others and the backhanded compliments they utter makes me ill! Their constant need to self-praise is more of a turn off than anything. I am especially annoyed by those who try to act humble while boasting. I want to yell, GET OVER YOURSELF! Everyone else has! I have stopped spending time with people who are this way, but I don’t completely delete them from my life. And when I am around them, I do a lot of smiling and nodding and daydreaming while they blab away. Sad really!

And there you have my rant for the day! But at least I’m not talking about coming out or being gay! I know you’re probably happy about that!


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