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Spilling secrets

Last night I went on a second date.  That’s right…I completely left you people out of the loop about the first date.  A girl’s got to have a few secrets!  But now that there’s been a second date with talk of more, I have decided to fill you in on my little secret.

I “met” this girl in the summer of 2011 while she was working overseas.  Our relationship centered around scores of emails back and forth which were amazingly long and detailed.  I loved getting to know her that way.  As you guys already know, I am a words person, so to read her words was the perfect beginning to our friendship.  By the time she came back from her assignment, I had started dating my ex so she and I became Facebook friends and that was how it stayed until last week.

Last week, after a couple of random Facebook comments shared between us, she messaged me to let me know that she was interested in meeting me and asked if I wanted to meet her for dinner.  Of course I did!  She drove over to my part of town and we finally got to meet in person!  Yay!  She was absolutely, perfectly sweet!  I loved watching how she treated others.  The man at the bar who was chatty, the couple who gave us their seats when they got up to leave, and I’m pretty sure our waiter, Brian, was enamored with her as well, because he kept coming by to talk and only had eyes for her.  It was somewhat adorable!

Because our plans were hastily thrown together at the last minute, we only did dinner, but we were there a long time.  We talked and talked and talked.  Hours and never a lull in the conversation.

After we parted ways, we texted several times to say how much we enjoyed the evening and made plans for date number 2, one week later.

She invited me to her place for dinner and a movie.  She cooked delicious grilled shrimp and veggies and even fixed my plate which I loved.  She had three different types of wine, and I tasted them all.  She even bought Diet Coke for me despite the fact that she doesn’t drink soda herself.

Her movie choice was extremely brilliant and thoughtful.  The Words.  I had never seen it, but she thought I would enjoy it since it is about a writer and the love of words.  It was really good.

I finally left her place at 1:15 in the morning.  Seven hours after I arrived.  We were together for 7 hours!  And we talked and talked and talked.  Hours and never a lull in the conversation.  Except for when she kissed me.   Of course.

After I got home in the wee hours of the morning, we spent time texting.  I guess we weren’t done talking.  We’ve texted back and forth off and on today.  More words.  And plans have been made for Friday night and for a weekend in the future.  I can’t wait!

Since I’m writing about her here, I needed to give her a name.  After much thought, I’ve decided to call her Candied Jansen.  Candied because she is so sweet.  And Jansen because it was the name of the writer in the movie and it makes me smile.  It’s a good name.  It fits.


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  1. I am in love with Candied Jansen based on your description alone!

    She sounds divine and I hope things continue to go well for you both. I have always believed that relationships who have a foundation based in conversation (words) are destined to last. ♥

  2. This is exciting news! I’m so thrilled for you. I’ll try not to get overly enthusiastic and rush into talk of your future together. So far, so good. Just enjoy your dates and see how things go. It will progress on its own accord if it is meant to be. It’s already a bonus that she lives in the same town as you. You sound like the shy one and she’s more outgoing since she made the move to kiss you. Aren’t you glad she did?! 😉


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