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100 things

1.  I was born in New Orleans.
2.  I lived there until I was 7.
3. I went to Alice M. Harte Elementary School.
4. I have no idea who Alice M. Harte is/was.
5. I visited a Catholic church next door to the school when I was 6.
6. I went alone.
7. My best friend went to that church so I just followed her.
8. She didn’t know.
9. My second grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Catonese.
10. We called her Mrs. Cabbage Cheese.
11. Her twin sister taught at the same school.
12. I don’t remember her name.
13. I moved to Pearl River, La the summer I turned 8.
14. I went to Pearl River Junior High for grades 3-5.
15. Pearl River didn’t have an elementary school.
16. My best friend’s name was Bonnie Owen.
17. My last name was Owen, too.
18. Her mom’s name was Linda.
19. My mom was Linda, too.
20. We pretended like we were sisters all the time.
21. There was a boy in my class who liked to make the teacher cry.
22. She hid behind a newspaper so nobody would see.
23. There was another boy in my class named Dolan Crawford, and he liked me.
24. I liked Randy Butcher.
25. I joined the swim team because Randy was on it.
26. You only had to be able to swim across the entire pool to be on the swim team.
27. I hated swim meets.
28. Competitions where people have to watch me perform make me nervous.
29. I once had to swim the entire length of the pool and back all by myself, because the other teams were all done and I was the anchor on our team.
30. I almost refused to swim, because everyone would be watching me.
31. I also took baton lessons.
32. I was on a baton team called the High Steppers.
33. I marched in many Mardi Gras parades in my little outfit. I froze!
34. We moved to Houston the summer before 6th grade.
35. I started a real junior high and experienced culture shock.
36. Everyone wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
37. I had no idea who Gloria Vanderbilt was.
38. My mom wouldn’t buy me any Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
39. My dad did.
40. I wore my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans when I went back to Pearl River to visit.
41. Everyone there was wearing them, too.
42. I got glasses in 7th grade.
43. I sang The Rose as a duet with some girl in 7th grade choir. I don’t remember her name. Neither of us could sing well.
44. I was a library aide in 8th grade and got to keep any books they were getting rid of.
45. I collected a lot of books that way.
46. I played paper dolls with the girl who lived across the street from me in junior high. A lot!
47. After 8th grade we moved to Tomball.
48. I went to 9th grade at a 9th grade only campus.
49. I took agriculture for 3 days in 9th grade.
50. When I heard I had to raise an animal and show it in a livestock show I changed my schedule.
51. I took a dance class instead, and I loved it.
52. I passed out in the cafeteria lunch line and had to be taken out in a wheelchair.
53.  I spent the night in the hospital, and they decided I was iron deficient.
54. I tried out for drill team at the end of my 9th grade year, but didn’t make it.
55. I was sick and throwing up during tryouts.
56. When try out time came around my 10th grade year the drill team director came and asked me to try out.
57. I made it.
58. I had a friend named Shannon who ate out every night for dinner.
59. I loved spending the night at her house, because we got to eat out.
60. Her parents were antique/art dealers so their house was the most eclectic place I had ever seen, and I loved it.
61. I got a hickey at church camp the summer after 10th grade.
62. The associate pastor’s son gave it to me.
63. I was highly embarrassed about the whole thing and wanted to wear a turtle neck in the summer.
64. I took driver’s ed with 3 other girls that same summer.
65. We were involved in an accident that totaled our car.
66. It was not our fault.
67. They made us drive again 2 days later. We were all scared.
68. My parents bought me a used white Toyota Corolla Tercel for my 16th birthday. It didn’t have power steering.
69. I drove it from Tomball to Amarillo when we moved that same summer.
70. Amarillo High School didn’t have a drill team which made me sad.
71. I dated a cowboy in 11th grade.
72. He’s now a chiropractor.
73.  My mom asked me if I was gay my senior year of high school.
74.  I said no and promptly went about finding a boyfriend.
75. I took a home and family living class and was given the assignment to go on a creative cheap date.
76. My friend’s dad had an airplane so he took 4 of us up for a ride for our date.
77. I don’t remember what else we did, but I’m pretty sure the gas for the plane wasn’t cheap.
78. I sang a duet with a friend in front of our church youth group my senior year of high school. I still couldn’t sing. My friend could.
79. My senior year, I skipped school, got caught, and was put in after school suspension for 3 days.
80. My boyfriend did something stupid so he could get put in after school suspension with me. He had longer to serve.
81. My best friend from high school often snuck over to my house after her mom was in bed.
82. I never snuck out because I was too scared I would get caught.
83.  My roommate my last two years in college was the same high school best friend.  There was no sneaking around.
84. She threw a brush across the room once because she was mad at me.  I kinda deserved it!
85. I dated a cowboy wanna be in college.
86. He’s now a pastor.
87. After graduating from college, I taught fourth grade and hated it.
88. I quit and worked at Goldstein Miguel in Waco for a semester. Goldstein Miguel is no longer in business.
89. I got another teaching job teaching kindergarten in Coolidge, Texas.  I was the only kindergarten teacher.
90. I stopped for a coke at a little country gas station everyday on the way home from work, and the owner asked me one of two questions.
91. Did you learn anything today or do you have to go back tomorrow?
92. Working hard or hardly working?
93. All of my kids were born in Texas, but none were born in the same city.
94. I stopped teaching when my second child was born.
95. Someone else picked out our apartment in Turkey.
96.  We loved it so much we never moved the entire 7 years we lived there.
97.  That was unheard of and the longest I’d ever lived in one place.
98. I hate bananas and maple syrup with a passion.
99.  I went back to teaching after 15 years away.  The job completely changed!
100. I often forget that I’m 44 years old.
Edit…my dog was trying to enjoy my company while I was typing this and my eyes were crossing from the lack of sleep last night.  I tried to proofread and wasn’t able to concentrate on it.  Since opening it back up, I’ve found two mistakes.  I’m sure there are more!  Enjoy!

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  1. 61. I got a hickey at church camp the summer after 10th grade.
    62. The associate pastor’s son gave it to me.

    Hahahaa, I got my first from the pastors son AT church in the bathroom.

    You did this list much better than I did mine. It reads like a story, very well done.

  2. I love these type of lists. Reading them and doing them is fun! I took baton lessons too. What on earth is Goldstein Miguel? All of these are interesting but #73 takes the cake. What would your mom have done if you had said yes then? Would your family still be so opposed? Or was it the transition from straight to gay that they have a problem with? What made your mom think that at such a young age? You’ve led a fascinating life and you’ve got a lot more to do. 🙂

  3. I LOVE maple syrup but then I am Canadian and it is almost a staple of our diet.


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