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Who knew…

My whole life I’ve always been an organized person. I can’t help it…I like order and control. I don’t always have to have control of everything, but I like things to be controlled. Things have a place. I like knowing what I will find when I open a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen. If I need something, I know exactly where to go looking for it. When I use something, I always put it back where it belongs when I’m done. I make lists of goals, keep calendars so I can look back at what I’ve done, and keep fairly meticulous files. I still have a weight loss journal that I kept in 2003 of measurements, food eaten, and weight lost. It was completely hand written. In 2007, I decided to go on another diet and made a chart on the computer and filled it in daily by hand. A year ago, when I took the Financial Peace class, I used their forms and filled out my budget by hand monthly. It was totally right up my alley when it came to organization. People at school call on me when they need to know things, because they know that I will know. My principal seems to sign me up for every committee because she knows I’ll pay attention and do it. I’m good with that.

I say all of that to say this…

Last night I was with Candied Jansen at her house. She has calendars (yes, plural) on her refrigerator door to keep herself organized. She had spreadsheets of goals taped to her mirror in the bathroom. She has a coupon/wallet thing that she carries with her everywhere and operates on a cash only system. Whatever cash isn’t spent on the allotted category is then put into a completely different account…it isn’t considered free money. She already has a budget for 2015 that she’s plugging numbers into. I didn’t go through her cabinets or drawers to see how organized they were…I’ll do that one day when she isn’t looking, but her house is always neat which I love!

The other night we were chatting on the phone, and I mentioned that I loved to cook. That I learned to cook from scratch when I lived in Turkey because if I wanted something special to eat, I had to learn how to make it myself. That I didn’t always cook from scratch in the states, because I am not a stay at home mom anymore, but that yes, I did know how to make gumbo. The groans on the other end of the line were like nothing I’d heard before. It was like Food Porn…amazing.

And then last night, she mentioned the movie Divergent coming out and how she wanted to see it. I told her a few days ago that I read the books so I brought them for her to borrow. We started talking Children’s Literature…or rather, I started talking Children’s Literature, and I told her how I read books to my own kids and the kids in my classes all the time. That it was one of my most favorite things to do. The look on her face was awesome! She was totally turned on by the thought of me reading aloud which I found amusing and HOT at the same time! Whew!

Organized, goal oriented, looking at the big picture, food porn, and listening to me talk children’s lit…

I think I’ve met my match!


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  1. I look forward to you going through my drawers. đŸ˜‰ …whether I’m looking or not.

    Who knew?…I did! I finally got it right!…and it is an amazing match for sure. So many wonderful things…AND you make gumbo! Mmmmm!



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