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More than words…

Words excite me. What words mean and how we use them to get our point across is thrilling to me. The way the right combination of words makes me feel is something I have trouble putting into my own words. I am often at a loss for words. I know this may seem surprising to those of you who’ve heard my unending vomit of the mouth at times…but it’s true. When I’m in that state I feel completely unable to use my brain to form sentences that make sense….like someone has opened my head and is stirring my thoughts with a long-handled spoon…making them go round and round, mixing them up, until you can’t distinguish one from another. That feeling is overwhelming…a word I use a lot. I could say overpowering or mind-boggling, but I like overwhelming. It engulfs me…ooooh…I like that word, too!

Sometimes when I am so full of that overwhelming feeling, I ramble or chant or make lists.

I’m not looking but my eyes are wide open…and then…anticipation of an event originally planned 2 1/2 years earlier.  So I see, and watch, and observe, and wonder.  And smile.  Lots of smiling.

And more.

unplanned, unrehearsed, unabashed, unbelievable.

Road trips and rocking chairs.

anticipation, adoration.

The way the right set of words makes me feel…

stunning, thrilling, moving.

adorable, comfortable, remarkable, desirable, pleasurable, incredible.

stupendous, marvelous, fabulous.

eye-opening, breathtaking, heart-stirring, mind-blowing, spine-tingling, out-of-this-world.


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