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The past month and a half has been most amazing. It’s one of those things that I can’t even put into words. I know that’s quite obvious by my lack of blogging. Well, I’ve blogged, but much of what’s been put here was once written for another blog. I read back over that stuff and decided to repost some of it just to keep this place from becoming dormant again. But as far as new words go…I’ve been so full that I’ve not been able to speak. It happens. Today, I seem to have words so I’m writing. We’ll see what comes out.

Candied Jansen and I have been “official” for almost a month and a week. I use the word official in quotes for a reason. My 14 year old started calling Candied my girlfriend almost from day one. Day One being date number one where we met for a late dinner on January 25. The day before Valentine’s Day my daughter asked if Candied had asked me out yet. I was so confused. Of course she had…we’d been on several dates. January 25, February 1, February 7 and we had plans to see each other on Valentine’s Day as well. She went on the explain that she didn’t mean dates, she meant were we official girlfriends. I reminded her that she’d been calling her my girlfriend already. I told her that I didn’t think people in their 40s officially asked someone to be their girlfriend. She seemed quite frustrated that my line of thinking didn’t match hers so she carefully explained her position to me. We needed an official date that Candied and I became a couple so there was an anniversary date to celebrate. It was important. I was texting Candied at the time telling her about our conversation, and she ran with it! She said she could officially ask me the next day or we could pick one of the other dates as the beginning. After a few texts back and forth and some adorable nerdy math on her part, we decided that Feb. 7th sounded like a good date. I told my daughter who seemed satisfied with our choice. A week or so later, Candied was at my place and tagged our 1 month anniversary on my refrigerator calendar. My daughter was on month 4 with her boyfriend so it was completely appropriate to mark our date on the calendar as well. The best part is watching the 14 year old simultaneously think it’s cute and disgusting. I love that!

So fast forward a couple of weeks to March 7. One month down. I’d spent the night at Candied’s place the night of the 6th so sometime after midnight she wished me a “Happy One Month”. Totally cute. I went to school feeling quite happy about the whole thing! During lunch that day, flowers were delivered to the school for me. I know I turned all kinds of red in my brief confusion as to why I was getting flowers. My teaching partner has met Candied so she was all over the fact that she sent me flowers! The card accompanying the flowers was very sweet, and I pretty much floated through the rest of the day.

So it’s been a month. A month and 6 days…and counting.


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