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At least it wasn’t a Tipsy Elves Sweater!

UPDATE:  The Winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to stillstumbling!  Your Shark Tank Swag is on its way!  

Have you ever had an amazingly awesome idea for a new invention that was going to make you millions if only you got off your butt and actually invented it?  I know…me too!  Well, apparently some people do create the things they imagine!  CNBC has this fabulous show called Shark Tank where real live inventors bring their amazingly awesome inventions and attempt to convince actual investors to give them money to create more of their product.  Sometimes the products they have invented are quite questionable and the investors opt out, but sometimes a product has real potential.  Recently, the good folks at Shark Tank CNBC sent me a box of some of their favorite Shark Tank Swag.  When I heard that a box was on it’s way, I wondered what I would be getting?  Would it be the Baby Loves Disco CD?  How about a CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit?  Or oh my gosh…what about the 5 Minute Furniture?  I couldn’t wait to see what fun stuff I’d be getting!

Oh My Gosh…I’m so excited!!!IMG_0393

And now for the big reveal!



Someone is mad creative here!


And they sound surprisingly good!

And then I saw this…


And I actually started salivating!


Hey…my doctor makes me get Vitamin B12 shots!  This is WAY better than being poked with a needle!


And since I tend to be a water snob…this is perfect for me!

IMG_0292Perfect!  Who doesn’t love a barbecue in the summer??

The Shark Tank folks have also given me another box to offer to you guys!  Just comment on this post anytime before Sunday, July 6th at noon to be entered to win!  You can also share this post on twitter or Facebook and I’ll give you an additional chance to win!  Just let me know you did so!  The winner will be chosen randomly.  Good Luck!

And if you’re interesting in tuning in to Shark Tank on CNBC, back to back episodes air on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Disclaimer…I was given the Shark Tank box for free with no strings attached.  I chose to blog about it and asked for an extra to give away.




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  1. I watch Shark Tank every week!

  2. some of these are crafty.

  3. some of these are crafty

  4. Shark tank is good…and sometimes the investors are vicious.

  5. I love Shark Tank! You never know what people are going to come up with

  6. Shark Tank is so much fun! Love all the ideas!

  7. Shark Tank is so much fun! I love all the great ideas.

  8. Love Shark Tank!

  9. I love watching Shark Tank.

  10. Shared on Twitter!

  11. I love trying new things! Would love a box!

    Kim J

  12. What an awesome box of swag! We love Shark Tank and watch it as a family!

  13. stillstumbling

    My favorite show! I have been coveting those speakers!

  14. My FAVORITE show!!! I wanna try the FiberFix so bad! The speaker is cool, too!

    Shared and Tweeted!

  15. MY FAV SHOW! I wanna try Fiber Fix!

    I shared on FB and Twitter!


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