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Back when I was in Turkey, I was asked if I would be interested in doing a review of Cocoa Puffs Combos which paired the chocolatey puffs with vanilla puffs.  The email came from someone who said she read my blog and noticed that I did reviews of products.  I guess she was thinking about the posts I did where I forced my kids to try things for fun and then I took pictures of their discomfort and blogged it.  She said she would send me a coupon for a free box of the cereal.  Well, since I lived in Turkey, I had to decline because a coupon would do me no good since the cereal wasn’t even available there.

Several months later we were back in the states and I happened to be reading Brittany’s blog where she was giving away the Passion Wave Butterfly.  Yep…a fancy name for a dildo.  I laughed when I saw it and thought about that breakfast cereal coupon giveaway I could have been a part of.   I commented on her post, not in hopes of winning the dildo, but because I thought it was hilarious that she was giving away dildos in comparison to my cereal.  A week or so later, Eden Fantasys contacted me with the following email.

Happy Friday,
Great comments over on Barefoot Foodie about the contest we were sponsoring. I
loved it, and I dig your blog as well. If you are interested I would really
like to work with you on a review or contest. I am sure we could have some fun.

Email me anytime to talk about it more.

Either way keep up the great blogging and rock on !!!

And I laughed.  Because there was no way that I could say yes.   Although we had been back in the states for 4 months, we had not yet resigned from the Christian organization who was giving us a paycheck on a monthly basis.  I was still married and trying to sort out what I needed to do for myself and my family.  AND probably the biggest reason I needed to say no was because all of the coworkers and church friends who were rabid readers of my blog.  I was already walking a fine line with them after getting a tattoo!  Not only that, dealing with the realization that I was 100% a lesbian had me running from everything penis like.  I wasn’t about to get one to use with or without my husband!  So I politely declined.  I did feel somewhat better about myself since I was now more than breakfast cereal worthy though!  

Some bloggers don’t like to review products or do give-aways on their blogs.  I don’t mind it.  I enjoy trying new things and encouraging others to try new things as well.  I am all about the adventure of it!  And I have no problem giving my HONEST opinion about whatever it is that I’m asked to try.  Stay tuned for a review/give away coming soon!



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  1. I have always wondered how blogs get on the radar for companies to want to host giveaways. & I love that you had the opportunity to possibly review a sex toy.

    Just an FYI- if anyone wants me to review a sex toy, i’m game. 🙂


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