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summer memories

I have had the most amazing summer. It was long, celebrated, and lazy. A good combination! Candied Jansen and I spent a weekend in Austin for her birthday, a weekend in New Orleans for mine, and a week in Cancun for fun. We went to Kerrville to pick one kid up from camp and took another to see One Direction in concert in Houston. I spent a weekend in Hemphill on Toledo Bend Reservoir, shopped for my second born’s college dorm room, and have another child with a driver’s permit. I’ve eaten out a ton and exercised very little. My van finally died so I’ve been borrowing a car from my dad. My house is dirty. My grass is dry. My desk is cluttered. But my heart…my heart is so full. Life is good and love is amazing!

Tomorrow is the beginning of another school year for me. I’ll be teaching kindergarten again which I am happy about! I have a plan to get organized and back in the swing of things. I look forward to the routine again.

But…oh what a summer!


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