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Cleaning house

I decided that since it is NaBloPoMo I would attempt to blog every day in November.  Well, everyday starting today, November 2nd, because I didn’t actually make the decision until today.  So here goes…

I spent some time today going back through my computer history and bookmarks to delete some stuff.  There was stuff on there that I hadn’t looked at in forever!  Here are a few things that interested me at one time or another…

these pencil sharpeners

a compound interest calculator for back when I was contemplating budgets and savings accounts.

this lgbtq blog

these cheese puffs

And there were so many more!

I also cleaned out my blog reader.  I had been meaning to do that for some time, but instead of taking the time to actually clean it out, I would just delete posts I didn’t care to read.  I had 88 feeds that I “followed”, and now I’m down to 62.  Some of the ones I saved haven’t blogged in a couple of years or have set their blogs to invited readers only, but if they ever start blogging again, I want to be able to pick back up where I left off.

I miss The Jason Show, Our Simple Lives, Be Gay About It, A Road With a View, Holy Crappers, and From the Planet of Janet.  Maybe one day they’ll be back or open to everyone again.


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