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Giving and Taking

Yesterday, Candied Jansen sent me a text with a picture of a case of water bottles.  She was showing me how much she loves me by buying those water bottles.  She prefers to use a filter in her fridge and BPA free reusable water bottles.  I get it.  I really do.  But the water doesn’t taste as good to me.  I just don’t like it.  I am an Aquafina or a Kroger water girl.  For some reason, I think they taste the best.  So in order to encourage more water drinking on my part, she bought the water I like best.  She has also kept a steady supply of diet coke in her pantry since that is usually my drink of choice.  All this despite her rarely drinking sodas at all.   All because she loves me.

I, on the other hand, have added a recycling trash can inside my pantry to aid in actually recycling my bottles to make her happy.  I have also stopped using mushrooms or cream of mushroom soup in anything that she will be eating.  She hates mushrooms and doesn’t even want to contemplate the idea that a mushroom could be hiding in her food.  I’ve also toned down the spiciness of some dishes to accommodate her sensitive taste buds.  All because I love her.

Love is like that.  Some of the best advice I ever heard on love was actually from my ex-husband to his college roommate.  He said that when you love someone, you give and give and give.  You give 100%.  Don’t let it be a 50/50 thing because inevitably one of you will mess up or get sick or in some way not be able to give your allotted 50% and the other person is left to pick up the slack.  If both parties are giving 100%, when someone can’t give their full 100, there are no worries about falling short.  The slack is automatically picked up.  The best part is that there is no reason to have to take.  If you are constantly being given to and having your needs met, you get to be a receiver and not a taker.

I love that Candied Jansen is a giver, and I love being able to give back.


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