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I had an appointment with the doctor today just to get prescriptions refills.  When I was leaving it was quitting time at the hospital.  I approached the elevators where a hoard of nurses were waiting to board.  When the elevator came, nine nurses and I got on it.  As the doors shut, I felt a funny sense of relief.  Even though the elevator was pretty crowded, I thought it was the perfect group to be on an elevator with!  Nine nurses on their way home from work!  Nine nurses with purses!  If the elevator got stuck or if anyone had a medical emergency while on the elevator, they would totally be taken care of.  I imagined emergency tracheotomies with ball point pens, and then wondered what other goodies those nurses carried in their purses!  I was slightly disappointed when the elevator doors opened on the ground floor and everyone scattered and went on their way.  Sigh!


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