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Random thoughts…

1.  I’ve always said I could eat Mexican food everyday.  So far I’m at four days straight and I’m still not tired of it!  It’s not like I am testing out that theory on purpose, but I’m also not complaining that I’ve had opportunity to eat something that I didn’t have to cook for four days in a row!  Score!

2.  I stood on a scale while completely naked this afternoon and let Candied Jansen write down my measurements.  Her scale calculates body fat, muscle mass, and water as well as your weight.  The amazing part about all of this is that I wasn’t at all embarrassed or worried about what she would think of me.  With her I am completely comfortable and feel nothing but love and acceptance.

3.  I was watching Dancing with the Stars faithfully until a week and a half ago.  I missed that episode and still haven’t watched to catch up.  I missed this past Monday’s episode and don’t care about it a bit.  This is typical for me.  It’s how I tend to watch TV.  I rarely finish what I start when it comes to a show.

4.  I am not a fan of politics.  I can’t stand to hear the arguing back and forth and the way each side blames the other for whatever problems they see.  I seriously can’t stand to read bad things about Republicans or George Bush or Dick Cheney nor do I want to read anything bad about Obama or anyone Democrat.  If you are my friend on Facebook and you constantly talk about one side or the other, I’ve probably blocked your posts.  Just saying…

5.  Ok…I’m too tired to think of a thing five.  That’s all…four things.


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