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Stick that in your budget…

Once upon a time I knew a girl named Mary who was married to a guy named Jon.  Jon was a budgeter.  He had categories for different things and knew exactly how much money was available at all times.  Mary used to get so frustrated that their expenses were so planned.  She would occasionally go shopping and spend money on things that weren’t in the budget.  She said that when she would get home from these shopping trips, she’d slip Jon the receipts and tell him, “Stick that in your budget.”

Candied Jansen is amazing with money!  I am constantly in awe of how she finds unspent funds in other parts of her carefully constructed budget to repurpose.  One way she’s been repurposing this year is with a savings shoebox.  As she came across extra money it went in her shoebox.  First, she looked at her normal expenses and saw where she had overestimated on her budget.  For example… Let’s say she budgets $200 for her electric bill during the summer months.  That’s a little on the high side, but she doesn’t want to be taken by surprise one month so she makes sure she has enough.  Her bill comes in at $175 so she takes the $25 left from the budgeted amount and drops it in the shoebox.  She budgets $50 a week for her son’s expenses.  If he only ends up needing $32 this week, she has $18 to drop in the shoebox.  She also budgeted for a few school events that ended up not happening this year so that money went straight into the shoebox.  Meanwhile she is keeping track of these amounts and writing them down.  She started out with a goal of $2756 for the year.  That’s basically $53 a week!  That seems like a lofty goal!  She has been diligent about adding to it weekly, and she’s stuck with it the entire year!  I am happy to say that it is November 11, and she is only $22 away from her year end goal!  Way to go Candied!!


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