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big and powerful and plain and simple

Well, what can I say about NaBloPoMo?  I have obviously failed at my attempts to blog every day in November.  I wasn’t feeling well one day and exhausted the next and then I just didn’t care enough to get back to it.  Moving on…

Today I feel like saying a few things.

I wish I had words to explain this relationship that I’m in.  Sometimes I don’t think they exist.  It is that big and powerful and defining which are all great words, but still not enough.  I am so thankful that we each feel that way.  I love looking into her eyes and seeing that level of deep love and commitment there.  I feel so safe with her that being vulnerable isn’t even a thing.  I am just me all the time.  I love that when the words get muddled, the emotions can be read so easily.  I love the lack of fear or worry.  I love the sense of security and the way she plans for the future.  I love that she is strong and weak all at the same time.  I love that she is always herself with everyone.  I love that she talks to me about things that matter.  I love that this is so easy.  I love that I feel so perfect for her, because she is so perfect for me.  I love her, plain and simple.


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