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the sixth thing

6.  Candied Jansen commented on my last post and I just had to share it here.  She said…

Oh my gosh! I’m sitting here…reflecting on the overwhelming feelings that I’ve had all day…at so totally and completely in love with you I have fallen in the last 365 days (and nights!). A year ago tomorrow, I will have made the best decision ever by taking 20 seconds of bravery and asking you out to dinner. I’ve never been so sure of much else. I’ve loved you before it was reasonable to tell you so. I’ve loved you so long that I know you are exactly what I’ve been waiting for…the only one that put a future in sight. It’s so clear now…and I love every minute…(even the frustrating ones that make me wait to share my life with you). Because THIS IS the beginning of the rest of my life…and any time that I get with you (or without you) moves me closer to the time that I’ll be by your side for ALL the moments of our lives. I’m so ready for everything, because now that I’ve found you…it is so much better than I could have imagined.

I have handed you my heart, and I know it’s in the best of hands. Thank you SO MUCH for giving me yours. I will treasure it as it deserves…with as much love, tenderness, patience, and emotions (up and down) as you can possibly stand.


I love her right back!


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