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Now that I am moving, I am forcing/encouraging my oldest daughter to move as well.  She is moving to an apartment and being a grown-up!  She has dealt with her own stress over it all.  Looking for a place she can afford was a huge deal.  Also, setting up electricity and renter’s insurance mostly on her own helped her to see what responsibility looks like.  I hated that I was pushing her out of the nest, but I honestly thought if I didn’t push, she wouldn’t ever leave.  She had this idea that she could live on her own, but mostly just played house at my place.  She pays a weekly sum to me for her car insurance and cell phone, but other than that, she pretty much lives on my dime.  My food, my electricity, my house.  I don’t really mind it.  It’s nice to have someone else besides me living here full time, but she’s 22.  And now that I’m moving in with Candied Jansen, she needs to experience life out from under my wing.  She is excited and nervous and all those things that I remember being when I first moved away from home.  I am excited for her.

The best part is hearing about how she wants to fix her apartment up.  I just smile because there really isn’t money to fix it up.  She’ll have hand me down furniture, dishes, and linens.  She did get quite a few kitchen appliances and other kitchenware for Christmas and her birthday from relatives who knew the plan for her to move into her own place this summer so she will have some new stuff thrown in.  I’m glad.  Today we were talking about the first house I shared with her father.  I was trying to offer some perspective.  It was a little house…2 bedroom, 1 bathroom.  It had a living area, a dining room, and a kitchen as well.  I don’t know how many square feet it was, but I bet it wasn’t more than 1000.  The kitchen had cabinets along one wall.  The refrigerator and stove were on the opposite wall along with the hot water heater.  Yep, right in the corner for all to see.  The washing machine was also in the kitchen.  The dryer was around the corner in the dining room.  I know…fancy!!  The bathroom was tiny and had absolutely no storage.  A single sink stuck out of the wall.  I stuck velcro around it and hung a piece of fabric as a skirt so I could hide stuff underneath.  She just laughed and said her apartment was so much better than that!  I know!  Even with hand me down stuff, her first place will be nicer than mine.

And so it goes…



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