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I had the hardest time going to sleep last night.  Because I was up so late, I ended up needing a nap today.  During my nap, I had some of the strangest dreams!  The strangest by far was about a friend of mine from Turkey.  Let me set the stage…I haven’t talked to her since I came back to the states 7 years ago.  I can see her Facebook page and I hear through the grapevine about what’s going on in her life.  Recently I heard that she’d had her third child.  This is where the dream starts…

She was coming for a visit.  I hadn’t seen her or talked to her in so long so I was so surprised that she was even interested in visiting me.  When she showed up, she had her baby with her.  She excused herself to use the restroom and grabbed a small tupperware container that had 3 pickle slices in it from her bag.  She said she needed to pee in that container.  I was a little confused, but she continued to explain her reason to me.  She needed to pee on those pickles and then eat them.  Doing that would help her breast milk develop the immunities it needed for her baby.  In my dream, I had vaguely heard of others doing this, but I was surprised that my friend was one of those who did.  Then she asked if I would pee in a cup so she could dip a rag in it and use it to wipe her baby’s face.  Apparently this built up the baby’s immunity against anything I might have wrong with me.  I remember thinking it was so strange to let her wipe my urine on her baby, but I went along with it.

This is when I woke up.  Despite the house and the other random family members present in the dream not being my actual house or anyone I actually know, the dream felt so real.  I remember being in that half awake, half asleep state and wondering if it was real.  When I was finally coherent enough to realize it was a dream, I had to look around my room and remind myself where I was and about my actual life.  It was the strangest feeling!

If anyone wants to interpret this dream, go for it!  I can’t find any meaning in it at all!  So weird!!


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