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Death and life

bambooOnce upon a time, I had an experience in a bamboo grove that was part of my journey to self discovery.  The experience meant so much to me that several months later I bought this bamboo to commemorate it.  I loved the black triangle vase and the bound together bamboo.  I’d look at it and be transported back to that sweet, sad time.  I owned the bamboo pictured for quite a while.  One day I noticed one of the bamboo stalks starting to die.  It slowly turned yellow and then brown until I finally had to throw it out. Some time later, the vase was accidentally knocked off the counter.  The triangle vase broke so I placed the two stalks left in a mason jar and continued to remember.  It wasn’t quite the same once the vase was broken, but I took what I could get.  A year or so later, a second stalk of bamboo started to die.  When I was down to one stalk left, I went in search of more because I couldn’t imagine not having bamboo in my house.  I didn’t visit the memory as often, but I needed the bamboo there just in case I wanted to take the trip.  The stalks I found were curled, but I couldn’t find straight ones and I needed to hold on to that memory so I bought them.  Through several years,  a couple of girlfriends, and a couple of moves I kept the memory of that bamboo grove alive.  Then I met Candied Jansen.  I fell in love with her, moved in with her, and married her.  I haven’t given a thought to the memories of that bamboo grove.  The past week I’ve noticed this happening to the very last stalk of bamboo.  IMG_0016

And now that it is time to throw the last stalk of bamboo away, I am fine with it.  The curved bamboo in the mason jar never felt the same as those straight, tight stalks in the triangle vase.  I realize that I only held onto the bamboo this long because I didn’t want to throw a live plant away.  It wasn’t about the memory at all.  The memories tied to the bamboo will always be there, but I don’t dwell in that place anymore.  I don’t need to.  It’s no longer a bittersweet part of my story, it’s just a part like all the other parts.  I will never forget the journey that got me to the place I am now.  All of it has lead to this perfect place of life, love, and happiness and for that I am grateful!


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