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Home Sweet Home

When Candied Jansen and I moved in together in together in July of 2015, we had very specific terms about where we could live.  We needed to be in the same school district as my kids and someplace in between where my kids and her son go to school.  We planned to rent for 2 years until my kids were out of school.  During the house hunting process, we found a house for sale that we liked.  Even though we knew we wouldn’t be there long term, but we made an offer and it was accepted.  Then came the inspection.  There were several things that weren’t great, but the biggest deterrent at that point was the mold found all over the AC unit in the attic.  It looked like the air filters hadn’t ever been changed and the inspector said the air ducts were likely filled with mold as well.  He wouldn’t even turn the heater on to see if it worked because he felt it would send mold spores all over the house.  We decided it was more than we wanted to deal with since it wasn’t going to be a place we lived for longer than 2-3 years and dropped our offer.

Today, I am so glad we did!  On Tuesday, Candied Jansen and I are set to close on our first house together.  It has been somewhat of a whirlwind adventure.  We knew we needed to start looking seriously after the first of the year, but every once in a while we would pull up the houses that matched our criteria on the internet.  We wanted a pool and there were never more than 5 houses in the area we wanted to live with a pool and most of the time, they were ok, but nothing special.  Then a house showed up that was beautiful so we asked our realtor to make an appointment to see it.  We looked at it, decided it was perfect, and hurriedly went through the pre-approval process with our bank.  Two days later, when we made our offer, we found out that the homeowners had already accepted an offer made the previous day.  Ugh!  We decided we should keep looking since bank pre-approval only lasts  a short time instead of waiting until the new year.  After some looking, we found another house with an amazing backyard and it officially becomes ours on Tuesday!  We met the current homeowners and found out they have been the only owners of the house.  They’ve kept immaculate records of all services and upgrades on the house, and it had a fairly clean inspection.  The only things flagged in the inspection were things that weren’t code when the house was built, and none of those things were big deals.  In our offer, we asked them to leave the wine fridge in the kitchen, the pool table in the gameroom, the outdoor furniture, and a rug in the entryway AND THEY AGREED!  Not only will we have a pool in the backyard, we will have a pool table in the house!  OMG!!  The house also came with a refrigerator and washer and dryer.  We already had those things, but now we can have an extra fridge in the garage (something we’ve gotten used to in the rental house we’ve been in!), and we can choose between our current washer and dryer and the ones left!

We are moving some ourselves on Wednesday, feeding 11 people on Thanksgiving at the sparsely furnished new house on Thursday, and have movers coming on Friday.  It’s going to be a crazy week!


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  1. Congrats on the new house! Hopefully the settling in process is going as smoothly as possible.


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