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I am a teacher.  Every year, I spend money getting my classroom ready for the kids.  Then I spend more money as the year progresses on supplies for projects and activities to enrich their learning.  Every year, I say I am going to limit myself to $500 total, but I always end up going over that amount!  Last year I moved districts which ended up being more expensive than the previous years.  The school I moved to had amazing classrooms and teachers and they had all decorated their rooms!  I had never really decorated my room much.  My previous district had cinderblock walls that we couldn’t really get anything to stick on so we decorated our doors and the one bulletin board we had in our rooms.  These new rooms had walls that you could staple directly on!  Every surface was usable!  I knew that moving to a bigger district would mean that I would have more provided, but they didn’t provide decor!  I purchased things that gave me a head start on cute and figured I’d get a little each year to add to it.  Then I moved schools again.  This time I helped open a brand new school and with that came even more expenses.  I decided I had plenty of cute for the time being and worked on getting things that helped make the classroom more functional.  Book boxes for the kids to have during independent reading, more tubs so the supplies could be organized, command hooks, packing tape, and so much more!

Not long after the school year started, another teacher told me about DonorsChoose, a nonprofit website that helps public school teachers get funding for materials and experiences that will help their students learn.  I submitted a project for books for my library on the levels that my kids needed and within 2 weeks got funding through donations from people who wanted to help!  It was amazing!  Since then, I have submitted and been awarded grants for nonfiction literature for my library and stem building materials as well.  It is so exciting to be able to give the kids access to more than I could actually afford to purchase myself!

This brings me to my latest DonorsChoose project.  I am currently working to get Flexible Seating options for my kids for next year.  I’ve watched two other teachers on my team have flexible seating options for their kids, and I’ve loved how engaged the kids are after being able to choose where to sit to do their work.  It’s amazing to me when I think about how I almost always go sit on my bed to work on my computer or read.  I want the most comfortable place for me.  I want to give the kids the option to sit where they are most comfortable and hopefully that will keep then engaged longer!  There is a catch though!  The project has a July deadline, but if I can get it funded by April 20th,  I can receive the materials this year.  Otherwise I have to wait until after August 22nd to receive the materials.  School starts on August 15th.  I would absolutely love to have my classroom set up with the flexible seating options before the kids arrive.

Can you help?  Do you know of anyone who would like to give to help public schools?  Feel free to link them to this blog post or to my DonorsChoose project post.  (I also have a project on DonorsChoose for iPads, but I would like to fund the flexible seating project as quickly as possible!)

Here’s the link to my project!

DonorsChoose Flexible Seating

Thanks for your help!



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