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Before moving to Turkey one of our favorite places to go for the day was to the Kemah boardwalk. We always rode the train, ate some yummy seafood, played in the dancing fountain, and had beignets for dessert. Occasionally we would let the kids ride the ferris wheel or merry-go-round as well. A couple of weeks ago we took our first trip to Kemah since we’ve been back in the states. Evidently Hurricane Ike did quite a bit of damage here, but we couldn’t tell at all. Kemah was back and better than ever! Here are a few pictures of our day.

The train ride. Of course!

Anna Grace screaming in the tunnel.

Erica, Will, and Anna Grace decided to ride the Drop Zone. Jacob didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I didn’t blame him one bit!

Yeah…it was entirely too tall for me! I wish I had a picture of the kids’ faces right after they were dropped. They were scared! Within seconds they were laughing and talking about how fun it was though.

They all decided to take home temporary tattoos as a souvenir.

The day was hot, but we had fun! We had the yummy seafood, ate beignets, and rode a few more rides as well, but somehow I only managed to take these few pictures! We’ll get ’em next time!


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  1. I remember the days of taking the kids to amusement parks! Memories. Looks like you all had fun!

  2. Looks like ya'll had a blast.I love Kemah!

  3. FUN! Bet you can't wait until they come home with a real tattoo!! 😉

  4. Haha…Can't believe that Anna Grace would want to ride the drop zone! You won't catch me doing that anytime soon…or anytime ever! Glad you had fun!


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