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Oh that Russell!

Remember these? These delectable chocolate covered marshmallow Santas? Ahhh…such good memories…

Then there was this. A heart. I loved it as well despite the chocolate to marshmallow ratio being slightly off.

And now…

I’ve discovered this. Standby while I take my first bite…ahhh…such a sweet familiar flavor. But…wait…I had no idea…the marshmallow is chocolate flavored, too. A chocolate marshmallow covered in chocolate? Yummo!


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  1. Have a bite for me, too. (I can no longer eat chocolate but don't feel too sorry for me–there are many worse things!)

  2. I always felt like these were filler candy.But then I'm a scrooge and I just can't help it.

  3. Thank you for the thoughts of my Aunt today. I had to buy those every Christmas for her, they were her favorite. She passed away in February of '08 at 91 years young.

  4. I thought about you and Turkey tonight. 60 Minutes did a segment on the oppression of Orthodox Christianity in Instanbul. I didn't realize how important the city was during the early days of Christianity and how many beautiful churches and other historic landmarks exist in Turkey. I hope you're enjoying Christmas this year despite recent changes and that all is well in your heart. XO


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