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so tired

I had planned to write a post this past week, but I was so swamped with school stuff and kid stuff that there was literally no time for anything else.

I owe my parents big time for all the help they provided over the last week.  My dad took my daughter to an appointment with an oral surgeon on Wednesday where it was decided that her wisdom teeth needed to come out the next day.  I had mandatory meetings at school and then Meet the Teacher night that night so dad took her back for the actual surgery.  She threw up in his car on the way home so he got to deal with that as well.  He went to the grocery store to make sure she had things she could eat, and he went to the pharmacy 3 times to get her medicine.  Because I was busy the whole week I had already planned for my kids to spend the day with my parents on Friday.  My dad ended up taking another one of my kids to the doctor that day after it was determined the fever he’d had for a couple of days might be due to strep.

Between all that’s been going on I’ve worn myself out.  I got sleepy this afternoon and literally passed out for about 15 minutes.  I was talked to, and I didn’t even move.  That’s totally not like me.  And now, since it’s 10pm I’m going to head to bed.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Hopefully I can rest up some for Monday.  There are at least 16 kindergartners who are counting on me to be at my best bright and early Monday morning!  Night.


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