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I was thinking about my long absence from blogging today.  There were so many times that I was tempted to write here.  At night while I was falling asleep I would compose blog posts in my head.  Some life event would get me thinking and I always think better by writing things down.  I never actually sat down and wrote what went through my head though.  I’m not sure why.  Laziness maybe.  I still suffer from that laziness.  I don’t know how prolific a blogger I’ll be now that I’m back.  We’ll see I guess.

Speaking of laziness this is my last week of summer laziness before school stuff starts.  I will be in workshops for the next two weeks then back to school for inservice.  The kids don’t actually start until the 22 of August, but sadly I must return to a regular schedule August 1.  I am hesitantly excited about this school year.  My principal decided it was time that I graduated from Kindergarten so this coming school year I’ve been promoted to 5th grade.  Going from teaching the babies to the big kids will be a huge adjustment.  I will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to two different classes of 5th graders.  I will have papers to grade and projects to plan.  I love both subjects which is a huge plus, but I haven’t taught either of them in so long that I feel a tad lost as far as where to start.  Thankfully the teacher I am replacing is now our assistant principal/curriculum facilitator so she will be available to help if necessary.  I don’t doubt my ability to do a good job I just want to make sure to use the resources available to help me.

And now, because it is late…not because I’m lazy, I’m going to go to sleep.



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