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I am not a fan of suspense.  I am not a fan of the waiting and wondering and thrill of it.  I don’t want to watch movies that keep me hanging on until the last minute.  They make my stomach hurt.  I am fine watching a movie like that if I already know the outcome.  I can relax and enjoy the scenery, appreciate the dialog, and concentrate on the characters if I know what will happen.  Most people don’t get this.  If I’m watching a movie that has already been seen by someone with me I ask for the outcome before/while watching the movie.  Most of the time I am told that I have to just watch it to find out.  I would rather turn it off than actually watch it at that point.  I have a hard time understanding why people won’t just tell me what happens.  Why they think I have to wait and see for it to be enjoyable is beyond me.  I tell them it makes me uncomfortable and am still denied the outcome.  I have been known to be with friends who are watching a movie and when things get suspenseful I will move to a place where I cannot see the TV.  I would rather not watch it than feel that sick, uncomfortable feeling.  Why is this so hard to understand?  It isn’t ruining the movie for me.  It’s making it an enjoyable experience.  Many years ago I was watching Silence of the Lambs with my wasband.  He hadn’t seen the movie either.  When it got to parts that my stomach couldn’t take I stood in the hallway and asked for a play by play.  He knew me well enough to know that I would not be sitting back down on the couch and graciously told me what was happening.  I eventually returned to the couch but made numerous trips to the hall during the movie.  Because of my discomfort and the unwillingness of others to play along I rarely watch suspenseful movies.  I’m sure I’ve missed out on quite a few good films this way, but I can’t help it.  It’s just who I am.


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  1. I avoid suspense movies. And car chase movies. And movies about dying kids.

    Life’s too short to watch movies that don’t have zombies in them.

  2. Natalie! You blogged! So glad to see you in my Twitter feed, and then the link to this post. What’s up, woman?

    I love suspenseful movies but they also make me angsty. In general I don’t watch movies much at all, no time.


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