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Wincing and Cringing

Speaking of things that make me uncomfortable here’s another one for you.

Heights.  I’m not scared of heights for myself as much as I am scared for others.  If my kids get near the hand railing of any raised surface my vajayjay shrivels up into an uncomfortable mass.  And yes I said vajayjay, and yes I really mean that.  That’s where it hurts.  Seriously.  In fact it doesn’t even have to be my kids.  It can be anyone’s kids.  Or even some adults.  Once I was flipping through the channels to see what was on, and I stopped on 19 Kids and Counting.  Don’t judge me.  The Duggers were enjoying an adventure exploring some beautiful place.  It was canyon like.  They stood near the edge, and I reacted.  There were so many of them and the kids just wandered around.  At no point was anyone in danger of going over the edge, but it still made me wince.  Then they crossed a narrow bridge, and I thought I would die.  I finally realized that I could turn the channel and not subject myself to the torture of it all.

My kids know this about me and enjoy watching me cringe and react to it all.  Niagara Falls just about killed me.  If they just stood there looking out that was fine.  If they did this I got weak in the knees.  Holding on to the railing and leaning their heads over…no I cannot handle it.  I can barely look at this picture.   At this point they started to pretend to be about to climb up on the railing just to wig me out.  One foot would come up off the ground, and I would freak.  At no point were they ever on the railing nor was the other foot off the ground.  It was just the idea of it all.

I know I have issues.


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  1. For me, it’s not the being up high (planes are fine, looking out the window of a tall building is fine), it’s the risk of falling. And I’ve never heard anyone else say it, but that’s exactly where I feel it, too.

  2. I call it “butt tingles” – LOL. For me it’s exactly what you have described and anything to do with water… It’s a joke in my family but if my granddaughter (or anyone for that matter) is at the top of a staircase or at the edge of anything high – butt tingles so bad I almost buckle at the knees. Glad to know I’m not alone…:-)


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