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Sleepy…so sleepy…

Yesterday I sent my dad another text.  It had been a full week since the last one.  The one he never responded to.  I decided that I would send one every Wednesday just to let him know that I loved him and was thinking about him.  I sent the text around 6pm.  Just over an hour later he responded telling me he loved me, too.  That was all he said, but those words were all I needed to hear.  I knew he still loved me.  I never doubted that.  I just needed to hear/see it.  I didn’t respond.  I figured it might be too much.  I think I’ll wait and send him another short message next Wednesday unless he texts me first.

This past weekend was so nice.  We spent time with some of Sweet Tea’s friends in Austin.  The weather was perfect for football watching, back porch sitting, and karaoke singing which is pretty much what we did.  I loved the time away.  I needed it for sure.  We are planning a camping trip with some of the same group of friends for next month.  I can’t wait!

All of a sudden I’m very, very sleepy.  So….sleepy…….


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  1. Thanks for that update – I’m very glad to hear he responded.


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