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Maybe I should blog on my phone. Maybe I’ll actually write something if I take the moments I have and utilize my handy dandy smart phone.

Yesterday some of my students got in trouble. One student convinced another student to bring some bullets to school. Two other students were given bullets and had them in their pockets. Their parents were called and our school police officer had to come out and talk to the kids. They all got in trouble and are in ISS (in school suspension) today. The two students who were given bullets cried when the police officer showed up. I think they thought they were going to jail. Both kids had parents show up at the school because they were so upset with their kids. One of those kids is one of my favorites. He is sweet, thoughtful, and mostly an all around good kid. His older sister was severely handicapped and died last year. His mom just had twin girls last month. I’ve seen him happy and sad. Looking at that kid terrified and crying brought tears to my eyes. I had to look away. I couldn’t talk without my voice cracking. It broke my heart to think about how scared he was.

I guess I should have been sadder for the two kids who didn’t seem phased by the officer and the trouble they were in. They are in trouble a lot. I can’t say what kind of families they come from, but their parents didn’t show up. One mom offered excuses for her son’s behavior. She always does. The other has an older brother who has been in trouble with the law. It’s where the bullets came from originally. I wasn’t surprised or saddened ny their behavior. I should have been.


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  1. As a fellow teacher, I totally feel you on this one. We had parent-teacher interviews yesterday and Tuesday and everyone I requested an interview with didn’t show up.


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