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bad teacher

My students have free time on the computers this afternoon. Usually I make sure they are on educational games, but after testing I decided to be nice and let them choose the games they played. Conversations overheard during free time…

Hey guys…party at my condo.

You see me walking over?

I can’t figure out where I am.

Who’s your DJ?

What do you press to talk to people?

Is that your bedroom?

Why is your name Onion?

What do you do with this?

I’m gonna get a Coca Cola.

I’m gonna get something out of the fridge.

Who is Snooki?

I said something.

For real?

I texted you something. You saw it?

Look, a fight!

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to let them do that again. I think we’ll stick with math and reading.


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