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Like many people I struggle with time management/balancing work and home life/getting it all done.  Most of the time the balls I drop in my juggling act are more home life related.  I guess it makes sense.  Nobody is going evaluate me on the cleanliness of my sheets nor will I be fired for the large pile of books sitting on the bedroom floor.   My lack of blogging and nonexistent knowledge of current TV events won’t have an adverse affect on my paycheck.  It’s a good thing, because I don’t have time to do much blogging or TV watching these days.  My discretionary time is quite limited so when there is any downtime I’ll be paying bills, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen.  I need to file an ever growing stack of papers on my desk, help hang pictures on the stairway, vacuum the stairs, make a grocery store run, and countless other chores.

We’ve lived in our new house since the beginning of March.  It’s been a month and a half, and I think all of the boxes are finally out of the house.  There is at least one more in the garage that I need to deal with, but since it’s all stuff from the china cabinet at my wasbands and since I don’t really have a place to put those things right now I’m thinking that a box in the garage sounds like a good spot for them.

The other day Sweet Tea was talking about how she’s alone most of the day as she searches for jobs and takes care of things around the house.  When I get home from work she is ready to run some errands together.  I, on the other hand, have been with lots of people all day and am ready for a quiet time at the house.  We both know there has to be balance.  Some evenings we run errands and some evenings we stay home.

I guess all of life is about balance.  Finding time to get it all done.  Shuffling things around to make time if none can be found.

It’s also about priorities.  Getting the house livable is a priority.  Keeping it clean is a priority.  Finishing the backyard is a priority.  Lately though these priorities have robbed us of each other.  Usually I get in bed to read while Sweet Tea finishes watching a recorded TV program.  I can only read a couple of pages before my eyes can’t handle staying open.  When Sweet Tea comes to bed we are both beyond exhausted.  The busyness of our day has caught up to us, knocked us down, and sleep is all there is.  I miss snuggle time.  I miss the slow and easy evenings.

It’s morning and Sweet Tea has just come back into the bedroom.  She sat on the edge of the bed, sighed and said, “I’m tired.”  Now it’s time for both of us to be up and running again.  These are the days of our lives.


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  1. This is a common problem for anyone in a relationship. Finding balance and time to spend together doing FUN things. Life is too demanding with too many responsibilities. Something has to give. Decide what you can let go a bit longer so you can make time for your Sweet Tea.


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