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Adding to our charm

Just after we moved into the new house we got a kitten.  Sweet Tea brought a cat and a dog to the relationship, but I had been wanting to get a kitten ever since I moved to my apartment.  I just wasn’t willing to pay the pet deposits that came with kitten ownership at the apartment so I waited.  Once we had our own home the kitten was the next logical step.  As luck would have it a teacher at my school was advertising free kittens.  Some of the kittens were Hemingway cats, meaning they had extra toes.  When I heard that I knew I had to have one.  I figured a cat with extra toes would fit in perfectly with our slightly dysfunctional family.  Six toes on each front foot where there should only be five and five on each back foot where there should only be four.  I promise there’s another toe on the side of her foot.

Welcome to the family, Thumbelina.

Go ahead and take a little nap.  Growing all those extra toes is hard work!


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